Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Day (or Two) at the Beach

 Baldwin Beach is becoming our favorite South Lake Tahoe beach spot. 
From the moment his feet hit the sand, Noah was a kid with a self-assigned project: dig and dig a LOT.  He had all of the other cousins working for him and declared that Luke was the brick mason.  I love how his mind works!

He really was all business, but had so much fun at his work.

I'm sure all of the other beach goers were thrilled with the screaming baby we brought with us, but after a nap her mood sure improved. 

This girl LOVES the water, even the super cold, freshly melted snow kind.

There were smiles all around and fun being had by all of us.


On a different day we also hiked up to Angora Lakes. I'm sounding a bit broken record-like, but this girl was a screamer.  She loved the water and hated everything else. 
 I just kept reminding myself that it's our last summer vacationing with a baby.  Hurray for that!  And regardless of the angry baby on that beach, the best part was that we were together, and her brothers were having loads of fun.
It looks like pictures from that day are few, but it should be remembered that Noah showed his bravery by jumping off of the big rock twice into that frigid water.  He was proud of his bravery and also not interested in attempting it a third time.  :-)

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