Friday, July 1, 2016

Father's Day

Father's Day at the cabin started with gifts, handmade cards from the boys for Nate and Grandpa, a delicious breakfast (of course!) and then we were off to church. 

The Primary kids in the Tahoe ward sang during sacrament meeting, and they invited any visiting kids to join them.  I was proud of Noah and Luke for marching up there and doing their best, even though they didn't even know the song.  Who sings anything besides "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home" on Father's Day???  Well, this ward did, but it didn't matter.  Those smiley boys were a little bit brave and did something unfamiliar, which I just love about them.  They are almost always willing to give something a try.

After giving their best smiles with Dad, the boys wanted some pictures of their own.  They gave me their best angry and happy faces.

 I love how much they keep me and each other laughing.

When we were preparing for this trip, Nate suggested making a dutch oven dinner that we hadn't had in years.  It's more his 'thing' than mine, so even though it was Father's Day he did the cooking.  That afternoon is quite possible one of my most favorite Sundays ever.  We spent hours just like this.
 It was a whole lot of talking, relaxing, and soaking in the pure beauty of where we were while our dinner cooked. 

And I can't forget the swinging. 

Dinner did not disappoint!  Nate made a fantastic roast with summer vegetables.  When we were finished I looked over at Luke and saw a first: asleep at the dinner table! 
 Luke has an 'all in' personality.  He is almost always running somewhere.  After days of playing hard and keeping up with everyone older than him, sleep finally won him over.

After a little nap and more relaxing for all of us we headed back outside for dessert: s'mores!

...and some silly pictures with Dad.
Being at the cabin combined with celebrating Father's day was really the best.  I'm so thankful that my kids have committed, FUN men in their lives.  Nate is the best chapter book reader, Lego builder, confidence booster, bike riding buddy, and tickle machine. He loves each of our kids a little differently, because he's good at discerning that each one of them has unique ways of wanting and needing to feel that love.  We love him right back so very much!

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