Friday, June 30, 2017

Some Summer Fun

June has just been packed with fun things that we finally have time to do.  This is turning out to be one of my most favorite summers yet, which is kind of ironic, because the stress of house hunting is also making me more crazy than I've felt in a long time.  But, back to summer fun...

We've had some unusually mild and cooler days, so we've been exploring the trails after dinner.  I love where we live!

 There's been LOTS of swimming.  This water baby loves kicking her legs and blowing bubbles in the water.
 We visited the children's museum.  Luke found some dress ups and gave me his best stranger face.  HA!
 It's no surprise that Leah was all about the water tables.  She could have stayed there for hours and, when it was time, left soaked but happy.

Noah and Luke are both so good at climbing the rock wall at the gym!

 Noah had a doctor's appointment in Sacramento, so as a reward for everyone being good and patient while we were waiting (and waiting!) for his doctor we made a visit to Fairy Tale town.

We got a babysitter for Leah and took the boys to see Cars 3.  They have been waiting for months for it to come out, so off we went on opening weekend to see this fun movie.

The kids had a fun time trying out a new park in Rancho Cordova.  Look at my little ones in long sleeves in June! We were loving that cool weather!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another 100 Days

We celebrated another 100 days of scripture reading with dinner at a new restaurant, our first visit to the Lego store, and finished the night up with ice cream at Leatherby's.

 Leah made herself right at home at the Lego store and, surprisingly did not knock everything in sight off the shelves.
 The boys loved the Lego creations and were especially excited to pick out their own Star Wars sets to take home and build.

 I didn't know if we'd survive a third stop for the night, but topping the evening off with ice cream was perfect.  Any day with toasted almond ice cream is a good one for me.

 We've just about completed an entire year of scripture reading with missing only three or four days.  While we are definitely enjoying the rewards that are coming every 100 days, our family is certainly being blessed by reading together and feeling the spirit as we learn together.

Friday, June 2, 2017

May's Bits

Oh May, you were a whirlwind.  There was so much involved with closing on the sale of our home, searching and searching for a new one (still doing that, by the way), and end of the school year stuff. Fun as it was, at times, it also left me exhausted and ready to move on.

Mother's Day was a good one.  As hectic as life can get, celebrating that I'm the mom to these three is special and wonderful.

We lost Luke for a little while one day.  That silly boy was so quiet and giggled with excitement when he finally popped out of the trash can.

The picture doesn't show half of the dirt covering this boy.  Baths were an absolute must after Noah's baseball games.

Nate's annual conference was in Nashville.  I figure if you're going to be away from home better be worth it and by the pictures and reports of what he did while he wasn't in class, I'd say he did o.k.

One day, not too far in the future, I'll be his traveling companion and he won't just be texting me pictures of his hotel.  Looks beautiful, right?

There's a long story about being locked out of our house by our buyer's realtor (twice!).  One of those days we ended up at Grandma's so Leah could nap.  Luke found K.C.'s graduation cap while we were FaceTiming Nate in Nashville.

 The rain mostly let up, and we finally had some warm days.  It's funny how novel and fun the sprinkler is when you haven't used it since last summer.

Noah could hardly wait for his Open House night to begin at school.  Leah hung out in Mrs. Chan's rocking chair while the rest of us got a tour of Room 4.
Noah took his job as tour guide seriously and triple checked his list to make sure we'd seen everything.
Mrs. Chan told me that she was so proud of Noah for choosing to write about being a mayor, especially since that was a community helper she hadn't even talked about during their unit.
I'm so grateful Noah has had a teacher he loves.  Every day he has walked out of that classroom with a smile on his face and a story about Mrs. Chan.

Leah wore another one of my dresses and looked adorable.  The knee socks made the outfit.  I just love it!

Luke came out of his room and declared he was dressed as a Jurassic Park dinosaur hunter.

Luke finished his first year of Joy School!  We kept the celebration pretty simple and enjoyed a morning at the park.  This was such a fun group of kids!

It would be easy to follow Leah around and take pictures all day.  This girl is so full of life, so full of personality, and always keeps me wondering what curious thing she'll do next.

This girl loves glasses!  My neighbor (and dear friend Sandy) helped me out in a last minute pinch.  When I came to pick up Leah she was wearing McKenna's glasses from when she was little.

Is it weird that one of her first five words was ga gas?  Goggles, glasses, she doesn't care.
More glasses cuteness!

It finally got warm enough to go swimming!

Leah is loving the water this summer.