Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another 100 Days

We celebrated another 100 days of scripture reading with dinner at a new restaurant, our first visit to the Lego store, and finished the night up with ice cream at Leatherby's.

 Leah made herself right at home at the Lego store and, surprisingly did not knock everything in sight off the shelves.
 The boys loved the Lego creations and were especially excited to pick out their own Star Wars sets to take home and build.

 I didn't know if we'd survive a third stop for the night, but topping the evening off with ice cream was perfect.  Any day with toasted almond ice cream is a good one for me.

 We've just about completed an entire year of scripture reading with missing only three or four days.  While we are definitely enjoying the rewards that are coming every 100 days, our family is certainly being blessed by reading together and feeling the spirit as we learn together.

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