Friday, June 19, 2009

I miss this face...

I've been a widow this week. A Boy Scout widow. I lost my husband to some serious adventure and camping in the high Sierras. This whole super activity was his idea, thus a large part of the planning and organization became his responsibility as well. He spent months preparing and worked so hard getting ready for it. It was no small task to coordinate (and buy!) food for the week, plan activities, and even build a really fancy (maybe functional is a better word choice) top for a latrine -- with a real toilet seat and toilet paper holder! Thanks Grandpa for your help on that one. Basically, to keep it short, it was a TON of work for him. But he did it and I know those boys have had a great, memorable time and so has he. I tell you, I'm a lucky wife to have such a hardworking, dedicated husband.

I'm excited for him to come home tomorrow.
We've been apart for longer, but never gone this long without talking on the phone -- even when we were dating and I was in Zambia.

So come home sweet husband.
Your wife and the washing machine (uh, and the shower) are awaiting your arrival!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Adios Elder Boyce!

This morning we made an early drive to the airport to say goodbye to KC. He's headed straight for the MTC in Argentina and, after a couple of months of perfecting his Spanish and learning the ropes of being a missionary, he'll land in Uruguay.
We've had so much fun with KC, the last few weeks especially, knowing that this day was coming. I think he was ready to go about a week after he got his mission call. He's definitely had his fill of good-byes. As far as brothers-in-law go, KC and Tyler are honestly some of the best. They're another one of the many reasons I love being a Boyce. And KC, well, he's going to be a great missionary.

Back to today...there were hugs all around and then up the escalator he went. I can't wait for two years from now when we're all standing waiting for him to come down that escalator!

For the sake of family who wasn't able to join in the good-bye this morning, here's a few more pictures of the event. We can't wait for that Christmas phone call in six months!
It just wouldn't be KC without a few goofy pictures, right?