Saturday, September 29, 2012

To the Zoo!

Last week Noah met up with his buddy, Mads, at the Sacramento Zoo.

He loved watching everything that was going on: kids on a field trip, the little train driving by and lots of different animals.

Noah was so excited to see a wooden tiger when we walked in and this kangaroo.
I guess we were a little overdue for a visit to see some REAL animals.

Mads and Noah especially loved that this bird would peck at their hands through the screen.  Oh how they laughed!

They had such a great time running around and sometimes looking at the animals.

And, if you're at the zoo, why not act like a wild animal too:

The zoo has lots of fun places to play.
    And, Noah took his first carousel ride.
 He picked out an orange and white fish to ride on and took this adventure very seriously.
 If the weather ever cools down and fall actually arrives, we'll be heading back to the zoo for more fun soon!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting Our Feet Wet

We visited the cabin in Tahoe for the first time last weekend.  Noah's feet were literally the wettest, but we all loved exploring this new place.  So many memories will be made here.
One morning we headed over to the park with Grandma and Grandpa.  What kid doesn't love checking out a new park?

It didn't take long for Noah to find the swings and get flying.
Nate jumped on a swing too,

and Noah just watched at how high Daddy could go.

We discovered a little stream, and Grandpa showed Noah the fine art of rock throwing.
But Noah wasn't content to just stand on the shore.  He wanted to get out and explore that water.  How could Grandpa refuse?

Maybe it's pregnancy hormones, maybe it's that my dad had a rough week...I don't know. But I got teary as these two walked down the stream together.  I'm so grateful Noah has a grandpa who can get out and do things with him.  Something so simple like walking hand in hand down a stream has a lot more meaning now than it used to.

We also took the kayak in the backyard and explored the river.

But Noah loved being out front too.  There's so much to see and explore everywhere.

Nate got up early one morning to fish, so Noah and I headed off on a walk. 
Wow, we've put a lot of miles on that stroller.

I think one of our favorite things was the hike to Angora Lakes.

Clearly, Noah didn't have any fun at all.
He simply couldn't get enough of the water and headed right for it as soon as it was in sight.
What a hidden Tahoe treasure, at least it was for us.  We are so excited to go back there next summer. 
And we're really excited to head up to the cabin again.  What a close getaway and fun opportunity to be together as a family.