Saturday, September 29, 2012

To the Zoo!

Last week Noah met up with his buddy, Mads, at the Sacramento Zoo.

He loved watching everything that was going on: kids on a field trip, the little train driving by and lots of different animals.

Noah was so excited to see a wooden tiger when we walked in and this kangaroo.
I guess we were a little overdue for a visit to see some REAL animals.

Mads and Noah especially loved that this bird would peck at their hands through the screen.  Oh how they laughed!

They had such a great time running around and sometimes looking at the animals.

And, if you're at the zoo, why not act like a wild animal too:

The zoo has lots of fun places to play.
    And, Noah took his first carousel ride.
 He picked out an orange and white fish to ride on and took this adventure very seriously.
 If the weather ever cools down and fall actually arrives, we'll be heading back to the zoo for more fun soon!

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Jenner said...

you take such great pictures. i hope you are feeling good these days.