Saturday, January 30, 2016

TWO months!

 Leah is TWO months old!

Oh, sweet girl.  You are more awake, more smiley, and a bit more dramatic than the month before.  We love it all (usually), especially those round cheeks becoming more full with each passing day!
I can hardly stand it when that smile starts and your eyes twinkle with happiness!

We were all smiling right along with you when you started to give us some happy expressions.  That day, January 5th, was a memorable one.  Your brothers gathered around and we all made the silliest noises and faces to get as many smiles from you as we could. 
 You are most smiley first thing in the morning, and lately it's a bit of a competition to see who can get the biggest smiles from you. 
It was no surprise after being around so much family all the time that you got your first cold at the beginning of January.  Lots of holding, extra long feedings and being propped up got us both through a few less than wonderful days.

And then you were back to this:

Well, most of the time at least.  The exception would be when we're just about anywhere but home.  Because that involves your current worst enemy: the car seat.  
You have no patience for being strapped into that contraption and sure let us know almost immediately that you want out.  NOW.
And you have similar feelings for being outside in general right now, which I kind of understand.  Between the bright sun and cool breeze that seems to repeatedly startle and frustrate you, even being in the stroller has been mostly a bust.
So, we'll give you a few weeks, or months, or whatever it takes, and eventually, you'll come around to understanding that the car is your gateway to adventure.  Trust me, you want to get out of this house every once in a while!  

Hating the car seat and having a very gassy tummy have both contributed to shorter than acceptable naps and a fair amount screaming.  The good news is that if you're being held, you're pretty darn happy.  So, for the most part I've just come to accept the fact that things on my to do list will get done later, like when you're in kindergarten maybe.  Truthfully, I'm grateful that there is a way to console you even if it does inhibit any kind of productivity in my world, and I'm also thankful that I'm the one that you find comfort with.  I sure hope it always stays that way.
You are, in fact, the only one of my three babies who will snuggle up on my shoulder and fall asleep.  It's a dream! 
You are growing faster than we can keep up with! Your three month clothes will soon be a thing of the past.  The only remaining newborn hair you have is a bit of 'old man' fringe around the ears and back.  And, sadly, I think it's only a matter of days before you don't fit on my lap anymore for diaper changes.

Your eyes have started lightening up into a beautiful blue, following the trend of your brothers.

It took a little convincing, but you're out of the rock and play for sleeping.  Turns out that sleeping on your back isn't so bad after all!
 Most of the time you'll sleep for a four hour stretch during the night, but, boy, I've felt spoiled for the few nights that it's been five.  Thanks!
Finally, we can't forget these brothers of yours.  They sure find a balance between playing off in their own world and having you be their complete focus.  Luke continues to talk to you in the highest pitched, sweet voice when you're awake.  A few nights ago Noah sang you to sleep and then said, "Mom, I just love her." 
 Those brothers aren't getting quite as much attention from their mom as they'd probably like right now, but they're handling it well and, most of all, loving you all the day long!

six week stats:
weight: 10 pounds, 14 ounces (74%)
height: 22 inches (68%)
head: 39.5 centimeters (97%)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Sunbeam Sunday

A new year brings new classes in Primary.

And in Luke's case, it meant moving on from Nursery and finally becoming a Primary kid.  He's been excited for weeks to finally be a Sunbeam AND to be in Primary with Noah.
 I anticipated a smooth, easy, 'high five and see you later Mom' kind of transition.

But all through sacrament meeting he kept saying that he wanted to go to Nursery.  Once we walked downstairs to Primary he didn't want to go in the door.  After making it through the door there was no way he was going to sit in a chair.  Then my strong willed, tough guy kind of kid broke into tears:  the big, crocodile, streaming down his face kind.  It just about put me in tears too to see that sweet boy having such a hard time.  He wanted to sit by Noah.  He wanted to go to Nursery.  He wanted to go home.  I think he would have settled for anything but being a Sunbeam in that moment.

As I sat in a little Sunbeam chair and he defiantly stood next to me, I asked if we could say a prayer.  He nodded, with tears still falling.  I finished the prayer, gave him a huge hug and testified that I knew it would help.  Our prayer would surely be answered.

Through the power of Heaven coupled with the faith of a three year old boy (and his mom), Luke reluctantly sat down.  I finished off our time together with another hug and kiss as well as a promise that I'd be back to pick him up.  I hoped for the best.

I smiled and was ever so grateful that not even an hour later I heard reports that Luke had indeed dried his tears and quite quickly warmed up to Primary.  He stood up with the Sunbeams to be welcomed, he raised his hand and participated in music time, and then had a fantastic time with Sister Stauffer in Sunbeam class. Thank goodness! After all of the initial emotion, I think he's convinced that it's going to be a great year as a Sunbeam.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Always a Good Time

When all of the Boyces come to town, we pack in as much time together as possible. There's always a lot of laughing, movie watching, and, thanks to Grandma, plenty of food to munch on as we fill her house with our family almost daily.

All of us were excited to be together to see these two darling babies.

Becky and I spent a lot of time swapping newborn stories and just gushing over how sweet Leah and Charlie are.  I'd say it's safe to say that everyone else feels the same.
 I didn't hear a single complaint about having to snuggle a baby, that's for sure. :-)

Nate and the boys found some Christmas lights with the Birons. 

The boys and I joined the Birons at the bowling alley one morning.  It was a first for Noah and Luke.

  They liked rolling the ball, but Luke especially just wanted to mostly watch the balls come out of the return.  It was like magic to a three year old. 

A group of us went for a walk.  In normal years this old bridge is completely under water, but this long, dry drought has left only a small river running under it.  Nate mountain bikes over here sometimes, so it was fun to see where he goes.  And, it was just a beautiful morning to get out and move a little.

Grandma got LOTS of unexpected help when it came to frosting K.C.'s birthday cake.  There were plenty of willing hands, who had licking a spatula or knife in mind when it was all done.

Annie planned a really fun New Year's Eve for the kids.  She filled balloons and each one had a piece of paper inside naming an activity to do.  Every half hour one of the kids got to pop a balloon to find out what the next adventure was for the night.  There were things like run around the block, play UNO, have a dance party, and Grandpa jumps into the pool.  One was putting pantyhose on our heads to make silly faces.  
 I wish I had more pictures of that one.

Another was throwing cheese puffs onto shaving cream -- which happened to be on a shower cap on the heads of Joey, K.C. and Grandpa.
These guys are good sports and gave us all lots of laughs.

The Skittle game was a big hit.

 My boys amassed far more candy than they could eat, but felt like huge winners looking at their very full red cups. 

It was New Year's Eve partying success.  Thanks Annie!

The Birons left on New Year's day.  K.C. and the Hughes left the day after.  Our little family felt a bit lost without our big family that we'd spent the last week and a half with.  We are already looking forward to summer when we'll be together again!