Monday, April 28, 2008

making the move...

Signs like this are pretty common these days, but this one is for OUR house! That’s right, the Boyces are going to be homeowners! We’ve had our eye on this house for weeks now, but the price was ridiculous. Well, at least we thought it was. All of a sudden late last week the price dropped, we were putting in an offer, competing with two other buyers and having our offer accepted – below asking price! It was a little hectic trying to fax back the agreement, calm ourselves down and get Nate packed for a week long business trip, but it all worked out. All we can say is it’s just meant to be. It’s happened really fast, but we are super excited. It’s in the exact neighborhood we wanted in Folsom, and the house is just perfect for us, not to mention already painted in our style.

People kept telling me that when you walk into the right home you’ll ‘know.’ I walked into a lot of homes, and I knew they weren’t the one that’s for sure. This one I loved immediately, but I certainly didn’t love the price. Everything has just worked out. Now we’re just in that waiting process with our 45-day escrow. We’re excited to close on the house at the beginning of June -- ironically, my last day of school.
So, sorry for the lack of updates lately. Thanks Kris for reminding us how long it’s been, which is also a hint at how boring we are as of late. The busy season for Nate has been...busy and at times exhausting for him. We haven’t had much of anything to report. Hopefully this makes up for it. There probably won’t be many posts for a while about fun trips or jaunting off to Africa, but we’re definitely looking forward to the adventures home ownership will bring. Look out Lowe’s and Home Depot!