Saturday, March 4, 2017

February's Bits

Just a few bits from February!

Why do I love sleeping pictures of my kids? Luke is usually operating at high speed, so if he happens to slow down for a second, he often falls asleep
 Cafe Rio opened!  Through some great coupon finding and grand opening celebrations we managed to score a total of 12 free meals there.  How can I turn down good food that someone else prepares and cleans up especially during busy season?! It was awesome!
 My turn to teach Joy School came around again, and we spent one of those mornings on a field trip to Winco.
 This field trip is one of my favorites.  Luke especially loved watching the forklift demonstration.
The rain continued for most of the month, so outside play time didn't happen much.  But when it was just sprinkling I took my cute Joy Schoolers for a walk.  Our sweet neighbor Sandy snapped this picture as we walked by her house.

Having Joy School at our house is a big deal for Luke.  He gets so excited to have his friends over for 'learning time.'

Noah must have thought Nate needed a little help in the Valentine's Day department, because he wrote a love note for him to give to me.
 And sweet Luke wrote his first 'all by myself' love note, and I was the lucky recipient!
Leah got hit with a terrible cold.  That sweet girl would just walk over an put her head in my lap for some comfort.  We spent a LOT of time snuggling and not getting much of anything else accomplished.

Chick-fil-a hosted a Mommy and Me breakfast one Saturday morning.  So while Nate was at work, the kids and I enjoyed free breakfast at one of our favorite spots.  Score!

 Luke started swimming lessons at Tricks.  Fingers crossed that he's ready to swim without floaties by the time summer comes around.

 Nate and I celebrated our birthdays.  Thanks Noah for taking a picture so we could remember it!
 It was just a few days after Valentine's Day and Target was already well stocked with Easter stuff.  But this girl sure made for a cute bunny even if it was only February.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rascal Baby

Leah has affectionately and appropriately been nicknamed 'Rascal Baby' in our family.

Seriously, this girl is so busy!

We are in a huge climbing, exploring, destroying phase and some days it feels like I can't keep up with the chaos.

Every drawer has been pillaged and pulled apart and Leah squeals with delight when she's figured out a new way to cause destruction.  
 So much personality in that girl!

As exhausting and frustrating as it sometimes is I also love seeing just how much that strong body and mind can do.  She is really strong!

So for now I just have the phrase, "It's just a phase" on repeat in my mind.  Surely she won't be a tornado forever, right?