Sunday, May 25, 2008

time to celebrate...

It’s my big sister’s birthday today. And, since I never tell my one and only sibling often enough how wonderful and great she is I’m doing it now – for her and all of cyberspace. Kristina is really remarkable. She is brilliant (I certainly wasn’t the one to graduate from college in two and a half years), beautiful and so hard working.
My mom has told me that as a three and four year-old Kristina’s prayers always included asking for a brother or sister. She probably learned a thing or two about being more specific in what you pray for, because I’ve been a bit more than she bargained for or probably wanted on a number of occasions. Growing up I always wanted to be like her. She has a little Mary Poppins touch to her in being ‘practically perfect in every way.’ Kristina endured years of me bugging her to “play with me, PLAY WITH ME!” and taking me with her wherever she went: the mall, high school football games, you name it.

Even in her college years she let me tag along with her to class and hang out with her college crew. (Being 5 years younger I, of course, felt so cool.) She’s always let me be a part of her life. And Tina’s life isn’t an easy one. Now that she’s all grown up she works long, lawyer-ly hours, has three church callings and, more often than not, doesn’t feel too great. I think she has more inner strength and drive than a heavyweight boxer does on the outside.
So, my sweet sister, here’s to you. Thanks for being my favorite sister, (I know, you’re my only sister!) for paving the way as the first child so I didn’t get into quite as much trouble as you did, and for just being YOU!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Headed for 95630!

I approach home ownership with excitement and a bit of trepidation. There’s no landlord or management to call when the lock on our door breaks and we’re locked IN our house (true story, by the way). But, living in a one story house, I guess we’ll have plenty of windows to sneak out of, should a similar situation arise, not to mention multiple exits. But it really will be ours. Ours to repair and maintain and create memories in. I worry about the silliest things: what if the grape vines in the backyard get so out of control that our neighbors hate us? How do I take care of the hardwood floors? Will all of my shoes fit in our closet space?
Of course, I’ve also been thinking about the perks of having our house. There are the big things like not getting soaked again by the IRS this year and never again hearing our neighbor's alarm clock at 3 a.m. But have you homeowners ever considered how lucky you are to have a garage? That’s the number one thing I’m excited about – a garage. No more unloading groceries in the rain or scorching heat, getting soaked by the rain walking to my car, or walking the equivalent of 4 blocks just to get to my car. The groceries brings me to the second great reason to have our house: no more STAIRS. No more schlepping 7 or 8 bags of groceries at a time up those miserable stairs because I’m too stubborn to take a second trip. No stairs and a garage. And, if that isn't enough, I can’t wait to have double sinks in our bathroom, the toilet in it’s own ‘room,’ and a laundry room that doesn't double as the pantry. In this house we have both! Maybe you've got other house ‘favorites.’ I'd love to know what they are. I’m sure along with the work and maintenance we’ll discover even more things we love.
Anyway, I guess all of this rambling is just meant to express that I’m excited and feeling SO blessed to be making this move. It’s got everything in it we need and more…including a good little vacation spot for us this summer! With gas prices and a new mortgage to get used to who says vacationing in your backyard is a bad thing?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Just a little happy Mother's Day to all of our friends, sisters, aunts, cousins, grandmas and especially, moms. Did I leave anyone out? It's impossible to fully express the love and gratitude that we have for our moms. They are both such examples of faithfulness, strength and giving everything they have to raise righteous families. I love Nate's mom because she is so positive and optimistic. She is such a source of encouragement for both of us. Oh, and she's got a great taste in decorating. I can't wait to have her weigh in on ideas for our house! My mom is so generous with her time, energy and love. She carries a lot of responsibility, especially with my dad's health, but she's never too busy to share what time and resources she has. Of course, it's also a perk for us that she's got more than just a green thumb. I think her whole hand is green. I'm excited for her help in starting a little garden in our backyard not to mention just keeping all of the cute plants in it from dying.
I think Mother's Day could appropriately be renamed the Second Thanksgiving. Moms just don't get thanked enough for the daily tasks of cleaning and cooking, for the sacrifices they make and for the thousands of prayers they offer up that truly do bless our lives. To our moms, we love you. So much of who we are is because of what YOU have taught us.
On a side note, we took our moms to Toast yesterday in Granite Bay for breakfast. Four stars, two thumbs up...delicious! Definitely go there SOON!