Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Just a little happy Mother's Day to all of our friends, sisters, aunts, cousins, grandmas and especially, moms. Did I leave anyone out? It's impossible to fully express the love and gratitude that we have for our moms. They are both such examples of faithfulness, strength and giving everything they have to raise righteous families. I love Nate's mom because she is so positive and optimistic. She is such a source of encouragement for both of us. Oh, and she's got a great taste in decorating. I can't wait to have her weigh in on ideas for our house! My mom is so generous with her time, energy and love. She carries a lot of responsibility, especially with my dad's health, but she's never too busy to share what time and resources she has. Of course, it's also a perk for us that she's got more than just a green thumb. I think her whole hand is green. I'm excited for her help in starting a little garden in our backyard not to mention just keeping all of the cute plants in it from dying.
I think Mother's Day could appropriately be renamed the Second Thanksgiving. Moms just don't get thanked enough for the daily tasks of cleaning and cooking, for the sacrifices they make and for the thousands of prayers they offer up that truly do bless our lives. To our moms, we love you. So much of who we are is because of what YOU have taught us.
On a side note, we took our moms to Toast yesterday in Granite Bay for breakfast. Four stars, two thumbs up...delicious! Definitely go there SOON!


Patti said...

I would agree would agree with your comments about Shauna,she has to be with out a doubt the most genuine best person I have meet and have had the privlage of having as a sister in law.She is so good to my Mom and Dad and has so much patience with them. I am sure your mother is great also but I don't know her but she sounds like a very nice person also. hope they both had great mothers days.

camille said...

oh my gosh! i haven't been on my blog in forever and then i just saw your comment! oh my gosh! how are you my wonderful dianna? i need your email address! and i'm sure it's somewhere on here, but please email me at this totally made my day! love you much! (sorry for all of the exclamation marks.)

Karlea said...

How exciting to be buying your first house! Kinda scary huh? Looks like you had a wonderful mother's day. What a great idea to do something with both your moms. I'd love your email address. Mine is

Tyler, Lisa, Levi, and Kai said... I hope you don't mind that I saw your blog from Russ and Betsy's blog. How is married life for ya?? Well i just had a baby 3 weeks ago. Another boy. I see that you bought a house! You SUCK!! We want to buy a house sososososoo bad. We have been looking. We just don't really know what we can afford. Tyler finally graduates next friday!! YAY!! He got an offer to go work for Deloite in June. His friend Richard Brandon(member of the church) got an offer to work for you guys in the fall! Ty likes him a lot. Anyways I need your email address. Ours is Hope to hear from you soon.