Monday, September 13, 2010

this guy...

This guy, if you haven't met him, is my sweet dad.
He and my mom spent today in San Francisco doing nothing tourist-y or recreational. In fact, Dad spent a significant part of today having his brain mapped at UCSF hospital in preparation for a big day tomorrow.

Tomorrow is brain surgery day---deep brain stimulation surgery day, to be exact.

You see, even though Parkinson's disease has actually progressed much more slowly than we ever thought it would, in the past year, especially, it has shown no mercy. Dad has reached the end of the medicated road with this nasty disease, and it's time for some serious intervention. Thus, the sort of pacemaker for the brain that he'll get tomorrow.

In the early hours of the morning my sister and I are driving to SF to keep my mom company for this very long procedure. We're optimistic, maybe a little nervous, and very grateful to have access to such amazing medical care that could be very life changing for our whole family, especially my dad.

So just hold still tomorrow Dad and be patient as they keep you awake and work on your noggin. Tell those genius doctors to stay clear of your 'punning' and humor reflexes when they're poking around. As much as we moan and groan about it, your wordy gems are a huge part of what makes you special!