Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mad to the Max!

Passing along the family March Madness trophy has probably taken a little longer than it should have, but last night we finally made it official.
After a year on our mantle, the beloved 'Mad to the Max' trophy was passed on to Nate's dad, Dave. As you can see, he plans on holding on to that trophy quite happily for the next year.
In the end, it was a close race between Annie and Dave. By the time it got down to the Elite Eight Nate and I didn't have a chance.

Thanks a lot Kansas and Kentucky and any other number of teams who didn't exactly perform like we expected you to.
Awarding Dave with the trophy made for a great excuse for all of us that are here in town to get together for a little celebratory dinner. We all live ridiculously close to each other and never get enough time together. So it was great to just relax, catch up on each other's lives and, of course, eat.

Hopefully next year we'll be celebrating Max's return to our mantle!