Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Camping, Party of 3

Friday afternoon Nate and the boys waved goodbye and headed up to the Sierras.  Ideal camping for Nate is remote, cool climate and beautiful.  Loon Lake fits all of those requirements, and each of them couldn't wait to get there.  All I asked for was a safe return and lots of pictures.  Nate came through with both.
I can only share all of the fun second hand, but by all reports it was a fantastic time.  Once they arrived back home the amount of excitement and information shared by three people all at once (including Nate) filled me with happiness and smiles. 

There was lots of time for exploring.  Nate loved seeing how sure-footed these little boys were, especially Luke, who really is just a little guy.  

 If anything makes the Dad in this family, it's developing a love for the outdoors with his boys. 
Dinner was 'authentic' camping food.  Noah and Luke are easy to please in the food department and they thought it was pretty cool to add water to Dad's Mountain House meals to make chicken and rice.  Camping magic. All week long the boys had talked about roasting marshmallows.  It was a definite priority for this trip. 

And they were all smiles when it came time to start the roasting.
I love Noah's silly face.  He is so much fun.
After cleaning up the marshmallow mess and noticing that the sun was low in the sky everyone headed up the ridge to watch the sun set.
It was just pure happiness out there at Loon Lake.
Nate reports that the boys slept great (I like to say they were well trained by their mother. :-) and really were the happiest of campers.
The boys filled up on breakfast and then headed over to the lake for a little wading.

Nate's first time camping with both boys was a raving success.  I loved hearing him say it was just fun.  There were no problems, the boys were great listeners and helpers.  There was just nothing but good times.  All of them can't wait to pack up the car and head back up to the mountains!