Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Getting the Game Ball

Just like lots of little league teams do, Coach Michael gives the game ball to one player who did an especially exceptional job that game.  Oh, we were all rejoicing when Noah's turn came around last night!

That face says it all.  

He sat on the bench waiting, listening, and anticipating.  Maybe, just maybe, this would be his game.
 And, oh boy, my mama heart swelled with happiness as this sweet boy's name was called. 
The great part was that he really and truly did have an exceptional game: he fielded six hits in the outfield in the first inning (and outfield is rarely busy at all!), had three strong hits, and played shortstop really well in the third. 

If ever a game ball was deserved it was this game for this kid!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Break & Easter Fun

Spring Break this year was filled with cousins and Easter fun.  We were excited to have the Biron cousins here from Bakersfield and spent every day together.  One day I took them and the boys to the zoo and to ride the train.
 I laughed as people looked at my darling group of five and asked, "Are they all yours?"  Oh, I wanted to say yes, because I love those girls like my own. 

I'm not sure I could take five kids with me everywhere so easily, but the zoo and train were a breeze.  It was just completely a good time and could hardly be considered any work at all.

 Grandma, Annie and the girls put together an Easter egg hunt for all of the cousins. Just missing Brennan there.  They don't look excited at all, do they?

The day before Easter we went over to the Ruggles annual egg hunt with Nana.
Oh, what a good time this is! 

Noah got to go in the back yard with the bigger kids, and I stayed with Luke.  He was a kid with a goal and filled that basket up quite nicely.  
 We loved that Kate and Kristina joined us this year too!