Wednesday, March 16, 2011

He's very advanced....

O.k., not really. I'm not that mom. I try to be pretty realistic about this little guy. While it is easy to brag about sweet Noah all day long, I can definitely balance that with some other truths; like he's got a horrific cry that I'm not too proud of, and he is having a hard time understanding that yes, every time he sticks his whole finger in his mouth he will gag.

But I do love seeing him grow, literally, every day. Whether it's in play, communication or just his size, every day I notice change.
In just the past few days Noah's been trying to hold on to things by bringing his hands together. It's got to be hard work to control those sometimes spastic muscles and coordinate his arms to work as a team!
For about 20 minutes today he just wanted to keep trying to hold this silly monkey. Not bad for three months, right? Watching him try, fail, grasp, drop, try again and grab that monkey was such a treat. Surely this means he'll be starting kindergarten at 3, college at 10 and Mensa's youngest member, right? :-)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Three Months!

Noah is three months old!
Thanks to my sister, this future Cougar, like the rest of us, is ready for a little March Madness. We'll give him a few years before he builds his own bracket though.

My little Noah is growing and changing incredibly fast. Well, and I guess he really isn't so little.

Today we stopped by the pediatrician's office for a little weigh in.

At 15 pounds, 11 ounces and 25 inches long, it's hard to believe that we were ever worried about gaining weight.
Here are a few things we'll remember about the third month:
  • Finally got eyelashes and eyebrows. Thank goodness he has his dad's eyelashes and not my sparseness.
  • Laughs when I stick my tongue out at him, and then sticks his tongue out too. I'm not sure what it is about the changing table, but it sure makes Noah laugh and smile when he's there.
  • Slept for four and a half hours -- but only one night. He's still quite fond of waking every three for a little snack.
  • Is beginning to show signs of teething: lots of hand chewing, drooling and little bumps under those gums. Teeth around the corner already?
  • Decided bottle feeding wasn't for him and has pretty much refused it for the whole month. In just the past few days I've gotten him to take it, but he'll only take that silly bottle from me. Kind of defeats the purpose of bottle feeding. I'm working on it...
  • Sometimes Noah's head looks just like an oscillating fan. It goes side to side, over and over again. He really wants to take everything in. That makes going to sleep hard -- on both of us. :-)
  • Is wearing 6 month clothes. I packed up all of the newborn and three month ones yesterday. It felt like I was leaving my little baby behind a bit. Oh, those feelings of wanting to see him grow get conflicted with wanting to hold on to the tiny guy that we brought home from the hospital!
It's taken three months, but I feel like we're finally settling in to some kind of normal, or at least getting much closer to it. When a friend told me newborns were hard I had no idea what she was talking about. Not all of them are I guess, but mine was. And, he kind of still is.

Thankfully, he's got buckets of cuteness to make up for the challenging moments.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

He's got a twin...

We headed over to my parents this morning and found that sweet baby Mads, who my mom watches once a week, and Noah were twins!
Noah is just six weeks younger so I'm expecting a lot of play time and mischief for these two together as they get older.