Friday, November 21, 2008

kids these days...

This is an interesting school year for me. The first trimester just finished, and in a lot of ways I still feel like it's the first week of school: totally behind with stacks of work multiplying far too fast than I can keep up with. Actually, that's fairly typical some of the time for us teachers, but this year it just seems magnified -- by a lot. The good news is that, despite all of the endless paperwork, new programs to pilot and silly meetings that are keeping me from making headway on those stacks of to-dos, I really have a great group of kids.
It takes a daily effort of compliments and correction, but they're proving to be a pretty good bunch. Just today I was completing the attendance section on their report cards and realized I have had zero suspensions so far this year. Zero. I've never had that, not even when I taught kindergarten!
So today I was thinking back on this week and, despite the extra stress, found myself smiling and grateful for the kiddos I've got.

This week I received a little of the good...
I do get my fair share of love notes. This one is cuter than most, but it's even better because she tried to break up her words into syllables, something I've been teaching the kids to do. Not perfect, but a good try!

the bad...
It's not so bad, but a few weeks ago I asked a student in one of our autistic classes to go and line up after recess. He reluctantly complied. But every time he sees me, he still mutters, "Stupid teacher, stupid teacher." I guess I've really burned a bridge with this little darling and need to make amends. He'll get over it eventually, right?

And, well,

I'll call it...unexplainable.

I arrived to school on Wednesday and this 'treasure' was on my desk. Best I can tell is that a naked Chia pet was adorned with some decor and stuffed with fresh flowers. How the glittered mask fits in I'm not quite sure. If it's any indicator of what holiday gifts will be coming in from my students, it's going to be an interesting year.

I'm happy to report that Thanksgiving break has officially begun! The kids are a good time, but I love when I get the chance to exercise my 'stay at home wife' skills!

Monday, November 17, 2008

730 days

That's right...two years. Happy times, trying times, great memories and adventures -- that's just what life is full of. Having Nate as my husband to experience it all with...well, that's priceless. I'm so glad we're together forever.

Isn't he handsome?