Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Celebrating Today

It's been three years.

Wow, time goes quickly. I love thinking back to our wedding day. There was so much happiness, excitement and reason to celebrate. Sure, as we naively looked into our future that day, things three years down the road looked differently. But both of us agree that life and love have been good to us in that time.

We like to keep things pretty simple when it comes to celebrations, but Nate has, yet again, outdone himself...and he didn't spend a penny. Just like every morning, today I got up very early and headed off to the gym. What I didn't know was that as soon as the garage door closed, my sweet husband jumped out of bed (well, maybe not jumped...) and started on my gift.

I smelled a familiar smell when I got home. Something in the oven? No...in this case, much better. Lemon 409. You see while I was off getting sweaty Nate cleaned our whole house. That's right. Floors, kitchen, bathrooms, bed made, dusting and even the dishwasher emptied. I was speechless and could just feel the love. Love in the form of cleaning products and a sparkling sink? Absolutely. It truly was the best gift he could have given.

Tonight we'll enjoy some time together and have a delicious dinner, but I think I already know what my favorite part of the day is. What a great memory to have for anniversary #3.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thank Goodness for Grandpas

Nate had the best of intentions all summer long to reinforce our fence since it was looking a little shaky, but with lots of hot days and busy schedules it just kept being put off. Just when it was getting cool enough to spend a Saturday outside very unexpected and definitely unwelcome wind storm stopped by. And our fence didn't stand a chance.
So, for the past two Saturdays Nate and his Grandpa have had a pretty big project on their hands. It's involved concrete, a mighty two-man hole digger, wood (of course!), and screws -- lots and lots of screws. In the past week Nate has become very good friends with Home Depot.
But, today these hardworking guys finished it up. Oh, what a blessing it is to have such a skilled, smart, know-how grandpa! He's a project kind of guy, and the end result is always oozing with precision and serious quality work. Nate truly chose the best teacher possible to learn a few things about fence building.
So thanks Grandpa. You helped us build something that the ferocious wind can't even compete with. This fence isn't going anywhere for a very, very long time. And that sounds perfectly wonderful to me.