Thursday, January 28, 2010

today's highlight

Mrs. Boyce, my mom couldn't sign my homework folder last night because she had to go get a tattoo.


Monday, January 25, 2010

The Circus

Pardon me, I meant to say, the 'Cirque'...

Not much going on the past few weeks, which has been just fine by me. But on Saturday we ventured back to San Francisco to take in a little show.

This was my third Cirque du Soleil show (does that make me a groupie? I kind of hope not...) and Nate's first. It's hard to describe these performances to someone who's never heard of them. Uh, it's a French-Canadian, there aren't any, there isn't a bearded lady...but there's lots of really cool acrobatics, great music and not a word of English.

See? That doesn't sound super special, does it? But the thing is that the show is amazing. I'm pretty impressed on a normal day at what a normal body can do. But these folks...they bend and balance and jump in a way that my 'normal' body will never know. Both Nate and I smiled through most of the show, just from the amazement of it all.

The Circus, combined with an oh, so delicious dinner at Houston's, and not a drop of rain in the city made for a perfect date!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Family & Fun

The holidays were crazy. Crazy FUN, but still a bit of a whirlwind. On Saturday, as we lazily watched a movie together, we realized it was the first time in 11 days that we had spent an evening at home. No complaints though. Having family in town is way too fun to miss out on!

We had the usual Christmas celebrations with both sides of the family. Nate and I are horrible about taking pictures on Christmas. We have exactly 2 from the four Christmases we've spent together. So, nothing to share there. Even after a day of being spoiled with presents, delicious food and lots of love the good times kept on rolling.

Dinner and a Kings game with some of Nate's siblings was fun...and the Kings won.

A day in San Francisco was filled with a lot of the usual tourist activities: Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli square, a cable car ride to Union Square and even a little boat cruise around the bay.

It was as close as we could get to Alcatraz, since tickets sold out way in advance. Sorry Becky.
Next time you're here, we promise.

As we stood in Union Square hoping for a cable car to come our way, Nader, the limo driver, pulled up and offered us a ride for $5 a person. Sure it seemed a little sketchy, but this cute Asian family was nervously getting in the limo too, so we figured we'd all be hostages together if it came to that.

Turns out that Nader was quite the gentleman (and savvy businessman -- he made $50 just by driving a bunch of us back to Ghirardelli Square!) and made sure our ride was completely enjoyable. We were just happy to be on our way back in the right direction without waiting for what was seeming like forever. One of those 'you had to be there moments,' but definitely memorable for us.

Big adventures aside, we played games, visited Costa Vida with the dearest of friends, watched some football and the ball drop, and just had a great time together. As exhausting as some days were, we wouldn't trade or change it. Thanks Family for so many good times!