Monday, August 30, 2010

August, briefly

It's been a fun, busy, and maybe even a little stressful August.

The FUN started when we headed to Bliss State Park in Tahoe for a little camping. I think we may just qualify as camping snobs. Not because we have the best equipment or anything, but we have become a bit particular about where we camp -- at least in this park. Last year we camped at the best site in the park (at least we think so) and this year it was site 92 or bust. Thank goodness we got it!

This year Nate's cousin Josh and his family joined us.
Josh and Jaime are always a good time and having their cute kiddos there made the trip more fun than we could have imagined. I'm still hearing Ryder say, "To infinity and beyond!" in my head. We just love these guys.
Would you believe this picture is completely unedited? Somebody I know must have a nice camera. :-)

Can you tell we were really bad about taking pictures on the trip?

More FUN was had when we headed to San Francisco and watched the Giants beat the the 11th inning. It made for a very late night, but being at a good game with great family was worth it!
FUN has also been feeling our little guy move a lot more and knowing the time really isn't too far off that he'll be joining us. Only 15 weeks to go! (and SO much to do...that's where some of the BUSY comes in for sure!)

Year 11 of school started for me. That's where some more of the BUSY and a bit of the STRESS has come from. It's a lot of work to get a school year started, but I have been blessed with a sweet, trouble-maker free class. They have their issues, but it's the smoothest start I've had, well, in years! Each day is still a lot of work, but so much more enjoyable when I don't feel like I'm doubling as a prison warden.