Thursday, September 13, 2007

Are you ready for some football?

It's been too long since I've been to a football game! Last weekend we headed down to Bakersfield to visit Annie, Joey and our incredibly cute nieces AND to drive even further to Pasadena to watch BYU play UCLA at the Rose Bowl. The Cougars had a rough start, but made an amazing near comeback in the third quarter. Even though they ended their 11-game winning streak, we had a great time. I loved catching up with an old roommate and seeing how much her kids have grown. We even ran into Nate's cousin Brandon and his wife. We were reminded how small the BYU alumni world is, even though it's a school with 30,000 students. Each of us saw a handful of people whose names we didn't know, but who had very familiar faces. Was it the same ward, apartment complex or class that we shared? It was just funny seeing everybody else do exactly what we were doing -- looking around constantly (people-watching as my mom calls it) to see if there was someone from our Provo days that we knew. The whole thing just reminded me how great it is to be a Cougar. BYU is part of some of my greatest memories and to just experience a little part of that again was too much fun. In fact, in at least one way it was better than the original days as a Cougar because I was there finally with my husband!

one more thing: I got a miracle in the form of 18 third graders who magically enrolled at my school. Two days before the school year started I was again 'held back' in third grade because they needed another teacher (Did you know they call it a 'bonus year' now so that kids don't feel bad?). This group is a handful, but I'll take third grade handfuls any time!