Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week Three

Noah is three weeks old!
We hit a major milestone this week when Noah finally exceeded his original birth weight. The pediatrician said based on his weight trends that she didn't think he'd make it by week three, but when we went in on Tuesday for yet another weight check the scale read 9 pounds, 7.8 ounces. He's also an inch taller. Hurray! And, what a relief. After six (or is it seven...I've lost count) trips to the pediatrician, we're taking a break for a few weeks. But those nasty first shots aren't too far off. Sorry buddy.

This week was a busy one. Noah was spoiled on Christmas with lots of gifts from his family. All on his own, my dad found Noah a little something to go with his name. What a perfect gift!
Noah got to meet more family, including his three cousins. The girls are all good helpers and so sweet with their first Boyce cousin.
Christmas with my family gave us an opportunity to do our first four generation picture.
I'm so glad that my sweet grandma was here to hold and love Noah. Even when he was fussy, she'd talk to him and console him, like even his own mom can't quite do. I guess she does have a few more years of experience, right?

While he's still not sleeping at night by himself (but he is sleeping, thank goodness) Noah seems a little more comfortable napping in his bouncer or on our bed. Along with listening to running water, we learned this week that he's also a big fan of the hair dryer. I think he's pretty much just a white noise kind of guy.

Noah definitely prefers being on his tummy, and this week has liked spending a fair amount of time 'working out' in the activity gym. With a neck and legs that are pretty strong, we've been surprised to see him scoot himself halfway across the mat.

I'm just loving my job as mom.
I'm definitely more relieved now that Noah's weight is where it should be, but there's always going to be something to worry about. Sure, the late nights, the hungry baby (didn't I just feed you?), and the crying without reason can be exhausting, but everything sweet and wonderful about Noah far outweighs those things that make having a newborn difficult.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Blessing Day

Yesterday, Noah was given his name and a special blessing, a traditional practice in the LDS church.
Being two and a half weeks old it seemed a little soon to take him to church, but with Christmas just the day before, essentially all of our family was here. How could we pass up the opportunity to have so much of our family be a part of this special day?
In the end, everything was absolutely perfect. This was just another reason I'm so glad sweet Noah came 8 days early.

All of Nate's siblings (except for our missionary, K.C.) were in town.
My grandma came for Christmas as well. What a treat to have her here for Noah's special day.

Nate gave our little guy a beautifully simple blessing. Noah was a sweet darling and didn't cry.
We are so blessed that Noah's great grandpa, both grandpas and uncles participated in the blessing.

We gathered at my parents' house afterward to celebrate this little guy and spend time together.

Thanks Mom, for hosting such a fun, delicious brunch!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas is one we're sure to remember.
So glad our sweet Christmas package came early!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Week Two

Noah is two weeks old!
I think we've finally got the weight loss/feeding issues figured out and hopefully we'll start packing on the pounds (or even just the ounces!) in the next couple of weeks.

Lots of friends have stopped by to meet our little guy. My friends Kasey and John, Krissie and these guys: the Seaburys.

He finally met his Aunt Becky and will soon get to know lots of other family members.

Noah had his first bath and liked it --I think.
He's just not a huge fan of the 'after bath' chill that comes with being wet. Who does?

Nate needed to work last week, but he's home this week and the next. He is a huge help, but, even better, he and Noah are getting to hang out together.
We're looking forward to Christmas and making lots of sweet memories as we celebrate as a family of three for the first time!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week One

Noah is one week old today!
Last night and today I've been having those "One week ago right now..." thoughts. What a special time that was for all of us.
This little guy has shown right from the start that he is just fine with getting a little extra attention--from anyone who will give it. Because of his birth weight and being born 8 days early, he was labeled LGA (large for gestational age) which meant a bunch of glucose tests.
He failed his first and second hearing screenings, which meant more attention and an even fancier test -- which he passed.
And, he decided to go on a little pre-holiday slim down and lost just about 10% of his body weight over a period of days, which meant lots of feeding from mommy and three trips to the pediatrician for weight checks. He's doing great.

Noah decided right from the start that he was going to be a baby that should be held -- ALL the time. For eating, for playing and for sleeping. He hates being swaddled and laying on his back. (Um, isn't that how babies are supposed to sleep these days?)
He does, however, love being cuddled, snuggled and sleeping on anyone's chest...all day and all night long. His mommy and daddy have tried the suggestions in those really smart baby books we're reading, but Noah isn't interested.

Good news though, after one week, we may be making progress. After strongly protesting while getting a little sponge bath this morning, our little attention-getter completely calmed down and put himself to sleep. What? This little guy taught me this morning that he's really in to "water music" -- not the classical stuff, just the straight from the faucet kind.
Whatever works, right? Thank you City of Folsom for not getting around to installing our water meter yet. I promise we'll curtail the water wasting as soon as possible if this works.

Week one has been miraculous, exhausting, and, most of all, wonderful.
Through tears of happiness and exhaustion the first thing I remember saying when Noah was placed on my chest after being born was, "We've been waiting for you." He is nothing short of a miracle, an answer to so many prayers, and simply adorable.

Friday, December 10, 2010

All I wanted for Christmas...

...was a sweet baby to arrive just a little before his due date.

Noah Nathan Boyce did just that.

On Wednesday, December 8 at 4:42 a.m. we became a family of three.
When I got to the hospital the doctor guessed he would be 7 pounds, 6 ounces. His actual birth weight was 9 pounds, 3 ounces.
He fills out all 20.5 inches of himself quite perfectly.
We are just loving this little guy and anxious to get out of the hospital later today.
You can be sure that lots of pictures will be shared in the coming days!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Job Promotion

Today my 'promotion' became official. I walked out of Mrs. Boyce's classroom and not long thereafter stepped into my new office -- home.
Promotions usually coincide with a pay increase. With my new job as mommy, that definitely will not be the case, but I expect generous compensation in the form of love and time with this wonderful little boy...who hopefully decides to come sooner than later.
Oh, this has been an emotional week. Each time as I tried to talk to my kids and prepare them for their new teacher I'd cry. This bunch, well, they are just that special. I have no doubts about my decision to leave them for the rest of the year, but the good-bye part was rough.
For all of my adult life, since I was twenty-one, I've been a teacher.
A teacher is who I've been and, I guess, who I'll continue to be -- just in a different capacity.

It's been a challenging, rewarding, and memorable ten years, that's for sure.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If I had only known all those years ago...

In her retirement, my mom has finally had time to organize and discover all kinds of forgotten treasures.

On Sunday she shared one of her latest finds:
(You might have to click on the image to really see.)

Who would have thought all those years ago that two kids, performing one right after the other at a piano recital in Rancho Cordova, would one day, about 15 years down the road, share an even better experience -- this:

(Isn't he handsome?)

Life has a funny way of bringing people together and having paths cross. With apologies to our dedicated piano teacher, I think we're much better at marriage than we are at the piano, that's for sure!

Today we celebrate four years. Not very long in the grand scheme of things, but long enough to have experienced our share of beautiful memories and faith-building experiences. We know better than ever how to love, support and really take care of one another.

It's also our last anniversary as a family of two. Life is about to change in a VERY big way!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

November showers bring...

a December baby!

It goes something like that, right?

Last week I was spoiled!

First, some of my dear friends from church threw an incredible baby shower. Denise, Becky, Tammi, Melody and Ashley it was a perfect night. Thank you!

I, of course, was not an incredible picture taker. Thanks, Ashley, for having your camera. Can't wait to see the pics!

I understand more and more as life goes on why I call these women and so many others 'sisters.' They are that in every sense of the word. They made sure the evening was filled with fun, delicious food and meaningful (and hilarious) stories about taking care boys. I'm incredibly blessed to have so much help when it comes to advice about caring for little boys! Ladies, I'll be calling, that's for sure.

Then, these incredible friends got all of my co-workers together and spoiled me again. Bonnie, Lynn and Alison went to a ton of work to plan a great party.

These are friends that I've had and seen daily for the past ten years. We've gotten each other through a lot, both personally and professionally. It's hard to believe that in a couple of weeks I'll be stepping away from that.

Alison made this cute cupcake tower out of terra cotta pots. So creative!

Debbie is a retired teacher who now substitutes at my school.

She has been my go to gal for the past three years. In fact, for about a year she was like a second teacher to my students. I'd be gone every other day or so in the morning for doctor's appointments, and she just walked in and taught. It was almost effortless for me. She jokes that thanks to me needing her so often, she relandscaped her backyard with the money. I'm just grateful that she was there -- a LOT.

This shower, just like the first, was so fun and memorable. One thing is for sure: thanks to so much generosity, we're getting closer to having what we need for our little guy. He's definitely going to be well dressed!

Only 5 1/2 more weeks!

Monday, September 13, 2010

this guy...

This guy, if you haven't met him, is my sweet dad.
He and my mom spent today in San Francisco doing nothing tourist-y or recreational. In fact, Dad spent a significant part of today having his brain mapped at UCSF hospital in preparation for a big day tomorrow.

Tomorrow is brain surgery day---deep brain stimulation surgery day, to be exact.

You see, even though Parkinson's disease has actually progressed much more slowly than we ever thought it would, in the past year, especially, it has shown no mercy. Dad has reached the end of the medicated road with this nasty disease, and it's time for some serious intervention. Thus, the sort of pacemaker for the brain that he'll get tomorrow.

In the early hours of the morning my sister and I are driving to SF to keep my mom company for this very long procedure. We're optimistic, maybe a little nervous, and very grateful to have access to such amazing medical care that could be very life changing for our whole family, especially my dad.

So just hold still tomorrow Dad and be patient as they keep you awake and work on your noggin. Tell those genius doctors to stay clear of your 'punning' and humor reflexes when they're poking around. As much as we moan and groan about it, your wordy gems are a huge part of what makes you special!

Monday, August 30, 2010

August, briefly

It's been a fun, busy, and maybe even a little stressful August.

The FUN started when we headed to Bliss State Park in Tahoe for a little camping. I think we may just qualify as camping snobs. Not because we have the best equipment or anything, but we have become a bit particular about where we camp -- at least in this park. Last year we camped at the best site in the park (at least we think so) and this year it was site 92 or bust. Thank goodness we got it!

This year Nate's cousin Josh and his family joined us.
Josh and Jaime are always a good time and having their cute kiddos there made the trip more fun than we could have imagined. I'm still hearing Ryder say, "To infinity and beyond!" in my head. We just love these guys.
Would you believe this picture is completely unedited? Somebody I know must have a nice camera. :-)

Can you tell we were really bad about taking pictures on the trip?

More FUN was had when we headed to San Francisco and watched the Giants beat the the 11th inning. It made for a very late night, but being at a good game with great family was worth it!
FUN has also been feeling our little guy move a lot more and knowing the time really isn't too far off that he'll be joining us. Only 15 weeks to go! (and SO much to do...that's where some of the BUSY comes in for sure!)

Year 11 of school started for me. That's where some more of the BUSY and a bit of the STRESS has come from. It's a lot of work to get a school year started, but I have been blessed with a sweet, trouble-maker free class. They have their issues, but it's the smoothest start I've had, well, in years! Each day is still a lot of work, but so much more enjoyable when I don't feel like I'm doubling as a prison warden.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Not 100% sure, but...

After 2 ultrasounds with the same result, it looks like we're having BOY. Yahoo! We are SUPER excited.

I don't know if anyone will give an absolute when it comes to predicting a baby's gender, but if you saw what we saw, you'd be picking out some blue paint right along with us. Last week my doctor was willing to bet his car on it being a boy--and he really likes his car. Looks like he'll be keeping it.

Aren't ultrasounds amazing? All of the measuring, examining and close ups make everything more real. After we were finished Nate made a comment that it felt like we left our baby in the exam room, since that's where he 'comes to life' for us. I have to agree. In just the past few days I've begun to feel those little 'flutters', but it still doesn't seem completely real yet.

Just from ultrasounds we've learned a few things about this little guy: he's very busy and he's pretty modest. He had a hard time holding still (sorry, NO good pictures to share, every one of them is blurry), but it was fun seeing him move all over the place. My mom commented that he's just like his mom. :-) I'll take that as a compliment.

Friday, July 9, 2010


A successful vacation can be measured in a number of ways. For me, two of those include not being ready to go home when the time has come and completely forgetting what day of the week it is.

We spent most of last week relaxing and exploring around Monterey. And when it comes to meeting the criteria for a fabulous trip, this one definitely didn't disappoint.

Our regularity in picture taking turned out to be pretty pathetic, but, depite the lack of photographic evidence, we did have a wonderful time.

Highlights included:

Kite flying at Asilomar State Beach.

An afternoon drive to Big Sur State Park where we hiked to Pfeiffer Falls, visited McWay Falls and had dinner at the Big Sur Lodge. (And talked over and over again about how we need to stay there!)

Hanging out at the pool, reading and swimming.

Whale watching. Of course we would pick the one day where the waves were unusually and ridiculously large and the whales were shy. I spent the entire trip seated and focused on not feeding the fish my breakfast. It was rough, but definitely memorable. I'm sure another attempt would be a better experience, but I'm not really interested in finding out -- ever.
What? You can't hardly see anything? Don't worry, neither could we.

An afternoon of golf for Nate and a bit of pampering at the hotel's spa for me.

Lappert's Ice Cream. Sure, it tastes better in Kauai, but finding it here on the mainland is always a treat!

A new found love for Whole Foods. Talk about the best sandwiches for lunch.

Carmel...breakfast at Katy's Place (of course!), walking through the shops and art galleries and, of course, walking along the beach.

One of our favorite experiences came by surprise. On our way to eat dinner in Downtown Monterey we came upon an awesome farmer's market. There were tons of vendors, musicians, crafts, food to order and, of course, awesome produce. Nate called it the best parts of the State Fair without the rides and trashy people. Pretty close...but even better than that. If you're headed to Monterey, make plans to hit the farmer's market on Tuesday night. It's SO worth it.

Visiting the Carmel Mission -a first for Nate.

On our last morning we tried out a new breakfast place in Carmel, Em Le's. They claim to be famous for their french toast, so Nate gave it a try. I don't think either of us understood when the description said, 'batter cooked' exactly what that meant. Pretty much 'batter cooked' is a fancy way of saying 'deep fried like a funnel cake.' This was a breakfast that would have made the folks at the State Fair proud. I'm proud to report that Nate didn't come close to finishing it!

We got home and Fourth of July Festivities were upon us. We went to the Folsom Rodeo with friends, had breakfast and a few family dinners during the weekend, and were totally exhausted when it was time for a new week to begin!