Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week Three

Noah is three weeks old!
We hit a major milestone this week when Noah finally exceeded his original birth weight. The pediatrician said based on his weight trends that she didn't think he'd make it by week three, but when we went in on Tuesday for yet another weight check the scale read 9 pounds, 7.8 ounces. He's also an inch taller. Hurray! And, what a relief. After six (or is it seven...I've lost count) trips to the pediatrician, we're taking a break for a few weeks. But those nasty first shots aren't too far off. Sorry buddy.

This week was a busy one. Noah was spoiled on Christmas with lots of gifts from his family. All on his own, my dad found Noah a little something to go with his name. What a perfect gift!
Noah got to meet more family, including his three cousins. The girls are all good helpers and so sweet with their first Boyce cousin.
Christmas with my family gave us an opportunity to do our first four generation picture.
I'm so glad that my sweet grandma was here to hold and love Noah. Even when he was fussy, she'd talk to him and console him, like even his own mom can't quite do. I guess she does have a few more years of experience, right?

While he's still not sleeping at night by himself (but he is sleeping, thank goodness) Noah seems a little more comfortable napping in his bouncer or on our bed. Along with listening to running water, we learned this week that he's also a big fan of the hair dryer. I think he's pretty much just a white noise kind of guy.

Noah definitely prefers being on his tummy, and this week has liked spending a fair amount of time 'working out' in the activity gym. With a neck and legs that are pretty strong, we've been surprised to see him scoot himself halfway across the mat.

I'm just loving my job as mom.
I'm definitely more relieved now that Noah's weight is where it should be, but there's always going to be something to worry about. Sure, the late nights, the hungry baby (didn't I just feed you?), and the crying without reason can be exhausting, but everything sweet and wonderful about Noah far outweighs those things that make having a newborn difficult.

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Our Family said...

Noah is absolutely adorable (which doesn't even seem like a strong enough word!) You're right, there are always things to worry about, but fortunately you are less sleep-deprived later on and can deal with them a little better. ; ) Our babies all loved being on their tummies, by the way. Thanks for sharing so many pictures of him!