Monday, December 27, 2010

Blessing Day

Yesterday, Noah was given his name and a special blessing, a traditional practice in the LDS church.
Being two and a half weeks old it seemed a little soon to take him to church, but with Christmas just the day before, essentially all of our family was here. How could we pass up the opportunity to have so much of our family be a part of this special day?
In the end, everything was absolutely perfect. This was just another reason I'm so glad sweet Noah came 8 days early.

All of Nate's siblings (except for our missionary, K.C.) were in town.
My grandma came for Christmas as well. What a treat to have her here for Noah's special day.

Nate gave our little guy a beautifully simple blessing. Noah was a sweet darling and didn't cry.
We are so blessed that Noah's great grandpa, both grandpas and uncles participated in the blessing.

We gathered at my parents' house afterward to celebrate this little guy and spend time together.

Thanks Mom, for hosting such a fun, delicious brunch!

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