Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If I had only known all those years ago...

In her retirement, my mom has finally had time to organize and discover all kinds of forgotten treasures.

On Sunday she shared one of her latest finds:
(You might have to click on the image to really see.)

Who would have thought all those years ago that two kids, performing one right after the other at a piano recital in Rancho Cordova, would one day, about 15 years down the road, share an even better experience -- this:

(Isn't he handsome?)

Life has a funny way of bringing people together and having paths cross. With apologies to our dedicated piano teacher, I think we're much better at marriage than we are at the piano, that's for sure!

Today we celebrate four years. Not very long in the grand scheme of things, but long enough to have experienced our share of beautiful memories and faith-building experiences. We know better than ever how to love, support and really take care of one another.

It's also our last anniversary as a family of two. Life is about to change in a VERY big way!


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That is awesome! You guys are a great couple! Congrats to 4 years and many more!