Friday, November 19, 2010

Job Promotion

Today my 'promotion' became official. I walked out of Mrs. Boyce's classroom and not long thereafter stepped into my new office -- home.
Promotions usually coincide with a pay increase. With my new job as mommy, that definitely will not be the case, but I expect generous compensation in the form of love and time with this wonderful little boy...who hopefully decides to come sooner than later.
Oh, this has been an emotional week. Each time as I tried to talk to my kids and prepare them for their new teacher I'd cry. This bunch, well, they are just that special. I have no doubts about my decision to leave them for the rest of the year, but the good-bye part was rough.
For all of my adult life, since I was twenty-one, I've been a teacher.
A teacher is who I've been and, I guess, who I'll continue to be -- just in a different capacity.

It's been a challenging, rewarding, and memorable ten years, that's for sure.


Raquel & Marc said...

you are so cute and you will be the best mom. motherhood is the best and i can't wait to hear all about your little man!

Jenner said...

i am sure you are a wonderful teacher. motherhood is a different kind of wonderful. some days you will love it and somedays not so much. but i am sure you will be the best!

Kathleen said...

congratulations on the promotion...enjoy your new responsibilities - we'll be thinking of you in the coming days!