Monday, January 4, 2016

Sunbeam Sunday

A new year brings new classes in Primary.

And in Luke's case, it meant moving on from Nursery and finally becoming a Primary kid.  He's been excited for weeks to finally be a Sunbeam AND to be in Primary with Noah.
 I anticipated a smooth, easy, 'high five and see you later Mom' kind of transition.

But all through sacrament meeting he kept saying that he wanted to go to Nursery.  Once we walked downstairs to Primary he didn't want to go in the door.  After making it through the door there was no way he was going to sit in a chair.  Then my strong willed, tough guy kind of kid broke into tears:  the big, crocodile, streaming down his face kind.  It just about put me in tears too to see that sweet boy having such a hard time.  He wanted to sit by Noah.  He wanted to go to Nursery.  He wanted to go home.  I think he would have settled for anything but being a Sunbeam in that moment.

As I sat in a little Sunbeam chair and he defiantly stood next to me, I asked if we could say a prayer.  He nodded, with tears still falling.  I finished the prayer, gave him a huge hug and testified that I knew it would help.  Our prayer would surely be answered.

Through the power of Heaven coupled with the faith of a three year old boy (and his mom), Luke reluctantly sat down.  I finished off our time together with another hug and kiss as well as a promise that I'd be back to pick him up.  I hoped for the best.

I smiled and was ever so grateful that not even an hour later I heard reports that Luke had indeed dried his tears and quite quickly warmed up to Primary.  He stood up with the Sunbeams to be welcomed, he raised his hand and participated in music time, and then had a fantastic time with Sister Stauffer in Sunbeam class. Thank goodness! After all of the initial emotion, I think he's convinced that it's going to be a great year as a Sunbeam.

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