Saturday, July 30, 2016

Eight Months

Leah is EIGHT months old!
You sure are enjoying the incremental independence that comes with being one month older.

Life is SO much better now that you can sit all by yourself.
 You love it!  

Standing is still your very favorite, but sitting is giving you a much happier perspective of life.

While the month was filled with cuteness, it was also a rough one.  You hated sleeping in Tahoe.  I've lost count how many times you woke up in the night.  It was brutal for both of us.  You also found a new scream that is ear piercing.  
Sometimes you use it when you're mad, other times it seems like you're just experimenting.  How about experimenting with a nice little library voice next month?  Seriously, though, it's pretty horrible, and you seem to unleash it after about five minutes of sitting in your high chair at every meal.
But you wouldn't know that from this picture, right? 
You want so badly to be independent and do things on your own.  You've mastered a sippy cup, don't really care much about bottles unless it's bedtime, and do NOT want to be fed baby food. 
 I'm learning you're a 'do it myself' kind of girl, which isn't all that bad of a personality trait to have down the road.

You're also just 'talking' a lot right now.  We hear 'ba ba ba,' a lot.  Noah and Luke are sure you're saying 'brother.'  On our last night at the cabin we sat down by the campfire and you said, 'mama.'  Intentional or not, it was just what your exhausted Mama needed after such a fun, but challenging, week.
 You're getting more hair every day, which means we get some cute bed head laughs when you wake up from naps or in the morning.
You want so badly to get moving, and oh my goodness, you're close!  We joke that you've been paying attention to my exercise dvds because you can hold a high plank just like the pros. 

Your first trip to the beach was a success...after your stopped screaming from just being worn out.  You loved splashing in the water and rubbing your squishy feet in the sand. 
 You've got one more tooth on the bottom for a total of three.

And look how cute you are in your mom's shirt!  It's fun pulling out a few things from 1979 that Nana kept and sharing them with you.

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