Friday, July 1, 2016

Emerald Bay

Six days in Tahoe was exactly what this family needed.  Time together and time outdoors is a magical combination for us. 
 After a day of relaxing around the cabin and Grandma and Grandpa arriving we all went on the Vikingsholm hike down to Emerald Bay.
 A mile down and a mile back up was the perfect distance for these two.

It also helped that there were lots of little waterfalls along the way that they kept watching for and using for a rest stop (especially on the way back up!).  
Noah and Luke were such good reminders on these hikes that there is SO much joy in the journey itself.  It's not just about getting somewhere.
 They are curious and love exploring.
  Luke was finding sticks and filling his pockets with rocks every time I turned around. 

Noah wanted to climb every big rock he came across.

So, of course, his little brother did too.

We probably should have been better prepared with swim stuff, but instead the boys played in wet shorts and wet shoes without complaint. 

Next time we'll be better prepared.

 I've kayaked and boated into Emerald Bay, but never been on the shore before.  It is just beautiful from every perspective.

Luke (and Leah) and I were buddies on the hike up.  His little legs just kept going.  I was proud of that not so little three year old for being such a big boy hiker!

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