Monday, August 1, 2016

Time Together

I captioned this picture on Instagram saying: Only the very best grandparents would insist that their kids all go out to dinner while they stay home and wrangle nine little people.
Oh my goodness, it was nice to be out together without the interruptions of those nine darling, sometimes very needy angels.  Nate and I hadn't been back to Riva Grill since our engagement almost ten years ago, and it was just the best being there with some of our most favorites!

This girl.  She was definitely my 'accessory' for the entire trip.  But I (mostly) loved it.  She is the last of our little ones so I'm glad that we're getting a lot of time together.  She sure did a good job convincing me that I've had my fill of babies on this trip!

It was Charlie and Leah's first time in the car at Lake Tahoe Pizza Company.
That car is filling up with cousins!

 We also snapped a sibling picture.  Regardless of time and distance apart these five are tight and can always pick up right where they left off the last time they were together.

We hiked up to Big Meadow again to show all of the family how beautiful it is.
Pictures like this one bring on instant feelings of gratitude.  I really am 'living the dream' with these three sweethearts and their devoted dad. 

Noah and Luke were happy to have cousins to play games with.
 And they love that Grandma is always quick to jump in and play with them too.

Our evenings in the backyard are my favorite.  Every time we're out there it just seems to be exactly what summer should be: campfire, loads of family, good food, and nothing, I mean nothing, feeling rushed or busy.  

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