Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Luke's First Day

Luke finally had his own first day! 

After periodically sitting in on Noah's Joy School group for the past two years and seeing what a big deal we made when his big brother started kindergarten, Luke was aching for today to come. 

He was thrilled to start out the day with his requested breakfast: pancakes and bacon.  And that excitement continued when it came time to walk Noah to school.  Since it was HIS school day too Luke insisted that he wear his backpack the whole way there.
 I got a little preview of what it's going to be like in two years when I really am walking these two boys to school.  Oh, I already feel like it's coming too fast!

When I asked him what he was most excited for about Joy School he responded with, "I just can't wait to be teached!"  I love that.  He's so ready to learn and go to 'school.'

Luke reported that he had three favorites from his first day: being 'teached,' free play time, and playing castle.  It was first day success.  He's going to have a great year with the other five sweet kids in his group.

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