Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Our First Back to School Feast

We started a new tradition by having a Back to School Feast on Sunday. 
 I wanted to keep it simple, but special, and by the end of it all I just loved the way it all went.

I blocked off the kitchen and dining area so that the boys could only watch the preparations from a distance.  They were curious kids as they saw the table being set, food prepared and that cake decorating the table.
When everything was ready Noah and Luke rushed to their seats and excitedly put on their golden crowns. 
During dinner we talked about the upcoming school year: their fears, what seemed most exciting and what they hoped to learn.  Having such a detailed, articulate conversation with these boys reminded me that their littleness is quickly disappearing.  Even though Luke is two years younger, his seems to be going even faster as he tries to keep up with whatever Noah is doing.  But I loved just focusing on them during that time.
After a cleaning up and a game of Uno, Nate and I introduced our family's theme for the school year.  Taken from Philippians 4:13, we felt like this scripture was simple but proclaimed a clear testimony to our boys where their greatest help can come from.  We'll continue to revisit it during family home evening as a tool to strengthen our family.
Right before bedtime Nate gave each of the boys a Father's blessing.  The feeling in the room was tender and sweet.  It really was a moment to be reminded of how special these sweethearts are and what their potential is.  Not a half second after Noah's blessing finished he bounced off of the chair and proclaimed, "I feel good!  I feel so good!"  We all did.  It was a blessed, sweet evening all the way around.  This is a tradition that will be sticking around for years to come for sure!

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