Thursday, August 11, 2016

July Bits

When it's 8 a.m. and the store is almost completely empty, the boys loved that I said yes and paused for a few seconds to allow a little sword fighting. 
 I caught Noah trying out a new hairstyle.
 Luke had a 'sleepover' in his garage, without even leaving his own room.
 The boys LOVE playing games.  Noah created his own one day so we all sat down and played.

We've got another bike rider in the family!  This three and a half year old is so happy to be on a bike with peddles.  On a whim we lowered the seat on Noah's bike and just a few minutes later Luke was happily riding.  He earned an already needed new helmet that day, which he picked out himself.

The boys definitely earned their free food at Chick-Fil-A.  They were the cutest, happy cows.

 It was fun to see other friends trickle into the restaurant that night as well.
 Can you guess what flavor of frozen yogurt Luke ordered at Menchie's?  It was blue raspberry for the win!

I finally fulfilled the request that we visit the Aquatic Center before the summer ended. 
Leah looks almost as big as Noah in that picture!

 Sometimes when I can't find Luke, I find him here: 
This boy loves being the rascal of the family, but it's especially cute when I find them in there with his sister after she's woken up from a nap.  He really is the best babysitter when I need just a few extra minutes to finish up something.

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