Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bodega Bay Camping

As we looked at the calendar and saw that the start of school was rapidly approaching Nate announced, "I've got to take the boys camping!"  So he hustled to find an available campsite, found some friends to join in the fun, and just a few days later was heading for the coast.

I wish I had a picture of the Nartker's van.  It was filled to the brim with six excited children and all of the necessities required for an overnight adventure at Bodega Bay.  No one seemed to mind that sleeping bags and everything else were being shoved in every available space to get it all in. 

Melody and I opted to keep the little ones home with us.  But we had a much needed dinner together and her twins loved on Leah while she and I chatted the night away. 

First stop on their roadtrip was In N Out for lunch.

 The afternoon and morning of the next day were spent enjoying the beach: playing in the waves, building sandcastles, and collecting shells.

 It was chilly, just like Bodega Bay seems to ALWAYS been in August, but that didn't slow them down much.

The evening brought on dinner and, of course, s'more making.
 And the darkness didn't slow things down a bit.  The kids loved playing Uno by the light of the lantern.

 These boys are always happy for an adventure, especially one that involves time with Dad. I'm so glad it's a priority to that Dad of theirs and that they could share it with dear friends.  These simple memories are some of the ones both Nate and I remember the most from our childhood.  I can't wait for next year (maybe!) when Leah and I join in the fun too!

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