Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The First Day of Kindergarten

For years, probably since Noah could articulate a sentence, he has impatiently asked, "When am I old enough to go to that school?!"  That day has seemed far off  for so long that it's hard to believe that day was TODAY.

But here we are, on the first day of kindergarten for our big boy.  The day started off with Noah's breakfast request: poached eggs, toast and strawberries.   He excitedly declared, "It's a beautiful day to start kindergarten!"

I think the best part before leaving for Noah was finally getting to wear his first pair of Nikes.  He's sure those new shoes are going to make him extra fast on the playground.

We snapped the traditional before school picture.
 Oh, someone please start giving this kid a double dose of stay little pills!  The past five and a half years have seemed to go at an appropriate pace, but I have a feeling that school is going to make things start to move at a faster speed than I'm ready for.

We noticed that our sweet neighbor Tia was doing the same thing so she came over and joined Noah. 
 Then things got extra cute when Luke joined us outside.   These boys, they're just bursting with personality!
Nate went into work late, and we all drove over to Gallardo together.  Noah met his teacher, Mrs. Chan, and visited his classroom the day before at story time so he was all confidence when it came to being on campus. 
 A few minutes after we got there Everett arrived too.  These two boys have completed two years of Joy School together and are now venturing into kindergarten.  They're in different classes, but on the playground at the same time.
 The school bell rang too soon for my liking, and just like that Mrs. Chan was opening the door and welcoming her sweet class.  I was so happy that she welcomed in the parents for a few minutes too!
 She read the Kissing Hand to the kids which was a perfect way to enter kindergarten for them and their parents. 
 At the beginning of the summer when we got Noah's class assignment he was placed in a K/1 combination class. But we just found out a few days ago that it changed to a straight kindergarten.  Oh, was this mama/teacher happy about that.  I think the dust is still settling a bit in that kindergarten class, but when we left this morning there were ten kids in the class and only two boys.


So tiny, but I love it, even if it is like that for only a few days.  And thankfully that other boy is Bentley, a sweet boy in our ward who was also Noah's t-ball buddy last spring.  I have a feeling that things will change, but hurray for a smallish class size!

Finally 12:06 rolled around and it was time to pick up our big boy.  He was all smiles and is ready to go back tomorrow.
We welcomed him home with his favorite sprinkle cookies and I soaked in everything he could tell me about this special first day.
 He loved recess the most, learned the school song, and did some coloring.  He reported that Mrs. Chan is a good teacher because she has good lessons.  Works for me!  I'm excited for all of us as we experience kindergarten as a family this year!

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