Sunday, November 1, 2015

Big Boy

A few weeks ago Luke moved into what is now 'the boys' room.  Noah was excitedly upgraded to the top bunk, and Luke couldn't wait to be in the same room as his brother.  I was dreading it a bit.  Luke often takes a long time to settle down in bed.  He'll roll around and sing for forty-five minutes just enjoying himself in the confinement of a crib.  But it was time, well, past time actually.  Things got delayed a little because our house has been under construction a bit.  So when all of that began to slow down we just went for it.

I was completely wrong about this boy.  He took being in a bed as serious big boy business.  And, I'm sure it helped that he was rewarded every time he stayed in his bed all night with a sticker and a mint in the morning.  Luke could keep Ice Breakers and Tic Tacs in business by himself if I'd let him. :-)  He did such a good job, and only missed out on that reward once.

Since the change I've heard Luke so many times say things like "Mommy, I love this room being mine," and (proudly) "I love sleeping in a big boy bed now."  Oh, and there's also "That room is for my baby sister.  I don't need it anymore."  It hasn't all been perfect as two little boys have adjusted to being in a room together, but it is smoothing out just fine.  And that baby sister.  How is it possible that she's arriving THIS month?  We all have some adjusting to do, including now having a 'baby's' room.