Thursday, November 26, 2015

Luke is Three!

Once it looked like our baby sister wasn't coming a week early like I thought she should, I hoped that she'd hold off long enough for us to celebrate her big brother Luke turning three.  She cooperated just perfectly.

The morning started off with Luke coming out of his room while I was making pancakes.  He ever so sweetly said, "Hey Mom, I got out of my bed quietly and didn't even wake up Noah."  That brief moment where he didn't remember it was his birthday, but was so proud of himself for doing the right thing reminded me that he really is growing up.

Not long after that breakfast began.  We sang, we ate and we opened presents.  Luke was all smiles.  Birthday pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles sure made this boy feel special.

Noah chose a great gift for Luke.  City Legos were a big hit, and the biggest brother in the family did a great job keeping it a surprise.
 I decided that celebrating THREE was the perfect occasion to take Luke to his first movie.  Don't mind those somber faces.  They were actually beyond excited to be at the movies AND to be seeing the Peanuts Movie.
 The afternoon brought on a nap for Luke and an arrival home from Nate that was just a little earlier than usual.  Luke loves his dad time.  Weeks ago he requested In N Out for his birthday dinner.  That caught me by surprise a little because we don't go there much (like maybe one other time this year) and he's not really a hamburger guy.  But, when the birthday boy makes a request, you go with it.
He was all smiles the whole time, and I could tell he just loved that this day was all about him.

Not long after dinner all of the family showed up to help us continue the celebration. 

 And, of course, we had to keep with tradition and get this guy with our birthday kiss sandwich. 
 He didn't mind.

Oh, did Luke get spoiled!

Star Wars and Ninja Turtles have now invaded our home almost entirely. 
This silly boy loves to run around the house now and say, "I'm 'Liamnardo!" 
 He's got some pretty sweet Ninja moves too.

The birthday boy had requested 'sprinkle' cake with chocolate frosting, that's what the birthday boy and all of us got.  I LOVED hearing him sing the birthday song to himself right along with the rest of us. 
Once everyone was gone and we started to begin the bedtime routine, my sweet Luke burst into tears.  As I hugged him and inquired what was wrong he answered with, "Well, I just don't want my birthday to leave!"  I completely agreed.  It had been such a fun day celebrating him.  And maybe even more so because I knew that so very soon he wouldn't be the littlest any more. 

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