Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ending the Season

Yesterday was Noah's last game of the season.

 I'm so happy he played and so happy to be done with it (for now) at the same time.  Noah gave a great effort this season and improved each game.  You can't ask for more than that, right?
  Immediately after the game we headed over to the pizza place to celebrate with his Viking teammates.  Coach Corey was always incredibly positive with the kids and also focused on having fun.  And that was a pretty good combination for these little guys and their first season of soccer.
 They made lots of friends on the team, but I'm really glad Noah and Liam got to play together.  It was also a big treat for their moms to have a little time every week to catch up and chat at practices.

This happy kid has prominently placed his trophy 'on display' for everyone to see.  He's pretty pleased with himself.  
It warmed my heart after yesterday's game to hear him say, "Hey, Mom, look.  I got Star Wars fruit snacks in my treat bag.  Can I give them to Luke?  He was my biggest fan this season, and I want to give him something for cheering for me."  It's not always that perfect, but Noah, he really is thoughtful beyond his years sometimes.  It amazes me.  And it was only made better when that little brother took out a green, gummy Yoda and said, "Hey Noah, I want to share 'dis wif you!"

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