Friday, November 27, 2015

To My Favorite Three Year Old

Luke, you are THREE!  Oh, what a year it has been.  You have become smarter, sassier and more of a rascal.  We just love it.  In fact, 'rascal' kind of sums you up perfectly.  Whether you're hiding in the pantry, sneaking up on Noah to tackle him, or yelling at one of your uncooperative toys ("Stop that you naughty Lego piece!"), there seems to always be a level of rascality involved.

You are fiercely independent.  I hear, "I'll do it MYself!" quite a lot, especially when it comes to things like brushing teeth, taking off clothes and art work.  But there's also a side of you that recognizes as a three year old you still need your mom every so often.  I love hearing you say, "Hey Mom, let's do teamwork on this."  Buddy, I will always be on your team.

You especially love to do teamwork in the kitchen.  Whether it's cracking eggs together, stirring pancake batter or sampling cookie dough, the kitchen is your happy place.  Just a few days ago when you were 'helping' me make dinner you said, "Mom, I'm the Swedish Chef!" Sometimes it does feel that chaotic, but mostly I'm so grateful that you want to be around, and I promise to teach you how to make some great meals in a few years.

Your creative play is hilarious to listen to.  You make sure your Lego guys have good manners.  I hear you teaching your stuffed animals Primary songs.  I just love to sneak up on you and listen.

Our family's vocabulary has broadened because of your invented words.  None of us really know who the "mompa drompas" and the "fa fa no nos" are, but they get used in our family like imaginary friends.

You are confident.  That gets shown through your boldness and lack of fear for jumping off of things, climbing objects that are seemingly too difficult for a kid your size and by just trying new things without hesitation.  The way you walk is kind of an athletic, spring in your step, "I got this" kind of thing.  Lots of people notice how confident and sure your little walk is.

We are still trying to figure out if you're the fourth lefty in this family or not.  You switch back and forth and use both hands almost equally well, but seem to favor your left a little more.  Your language has developed at lightning speed.  You use all kinds of words that seem far beyond your age.  You remind our family that "Whatever is not respectful," and start sentences with words like fortunately, otherwise and perhaps.  But we just love that a few of your words aren't quite perfect, like 'blanklet,' 'yogret,' "flaucet' (faucet), 'manager' (manger) and 'necoration' (instead of decoration).  Some time during the summer you started telling me, "You're the best mom in the whole U.S." You especially like to pull my hair back and whisper it in my ear saying first, "Mom, can I tell you something in your ear?" I love it when that sweet, silly phrase is follows up by one of your strong monster hugs.

You are so excited to be a big brother.  You can be rough and bold and a bit reckless at times, but I have a feeling that when it comes to your baby sister she'll melt your little three year old heart a bit.  At your core you are love and full of goodness.  I could not ask for more when it comes to what I would wish for in a three year old boy.  I am so lucky.

Happy birthday!  I love you!

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