Saturday, October 17, 2015

Soccer...Take One

We're right the middle of Noah's first soccer season.  Oh, I love being this kid's number one fan!

There was lots to learn as the season began.  I noticed immediately that Noah's ability to respect other's space was carrying over onto the soccer field.  So, along with dribbling and kicking, we've worked the 'contact' part of this fun sport.  This is one time it definitely is o.k. to run into others a bit!  Sports, so far at least, are also a fantastic social outlet.  Noah loves making new friends -- on his team and the opposing one. 

Every game, every practice, Noah improves.  It's just fun to watch that growth and development.  Most games Noah is pretty content to run with the pack. 

But he's becoming more involved and getting his foot on the ball every game.

He is also a kid who loves a good water break.  No complaints from this guy when he's called to sub out.
He's got a lot to learn, but he's already learned so much too.  Focus, sportsmanship, trying again (and again and again) and just simply giving your best are all traits I've been trying to teach since he was just a little guy.  I love that it's just being reinforced and further taught as we embark into the world of sports.  I thought being a player was fun, but this role of soccer (or t-ball or whatever other sport is on the horizon for us) mom is even better!

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