Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's starting...

Joy School today was a complete success for Noah.  He's been so ready to go for weeks, even though he hardly knew what to expect.

Noah came home with a full report of the cool trains Everett has at his house, meeting Joy Boy, playing outside, eating goldfish and grapes for snack, and remembering what just about everyone brought for their show and tell item.   He was pretty excited to pack up Pontoon Dusty, Maru and Pincone (all from the new Planes movie) in his backpack to share with everyone.  It's a good sign that he cried when I came to pick him up because he didn't want the fun to end, right?


Right now it's just Joy School, and thank goodness.

For over a year Noah has been asking, "Mom, am I five yet? Can I go to kindergarten now?"

He has no idea how happy I am that we don't have to cross that bridge for two more years.

Plain and simple, I just love being with this kid.  So while things like grocery shopping and errand running will surely be easier with only my Luke in tow, I'd really just rather experience everything possible with him around.  

But, HE needs to spread his wings a bit.  He needs to learn the simple and sweet things that Joy School offers, including becoming buddies with those five other sweet kids.

So, Joy School it is.  Two days a week is a good way for both of us to start adapting to being away.  I need more practice than he does for sure.


allison nadauld said...

Yes! Joy School is the perfect transition. But I warn you once this starts it all begins moving incredibly fast. Noah is so handsome and I bet he will really love the experience, as will you! I wish I had a box of tissues to share with you. xoxo

Brandon and Evie said...

So well put Dianna :). I kind of want to put time in a box and keep it there for a while. They are growing up so fast! what a cutie pie you have on your hands :). Here's to an exciting preschool year!