Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Boyce Family Reunion

We had been antsy for the end of July to finally arrive for months.  It meant the start of LOTS of family time, first at the Boyce Family Reunion.  We camped in the Santa Cruz mountains for three days with about 44 grown ups and 45 kids.  It was awesome. 

This was the first time we've really let Noah roam free, and he loved it.  Every morning he'd say, "Mom, I need to go find my new buddies Parker and Carden and Jude and Cooper and Mya," and the list would continue if he could remember their names. 

I loved being around so much family.  I also loved the walk in refrigerator because for the first two days we were sweating like mad in those Santa Cruz mountains.  But, I'd put up with that horrible heat again to be with all of those folks again. 

We laughed immensely.  Oh, why don't we have a video of K.C. and Craig's song??? 

We played hard.  My team 'Bertie's Flock' won the overall reunion competition, and I scored the winning goal in our human foosball game. 

We also cried.  Sometimes when you feel love that strongly you just can't help it.  We had a little testimony meeting before everyone packed up and headed home that was just filled with tender moments.  Grandpa and Grandma Boyce really created something beautiful and talented and oh, so good in all of these Boyces.  I couldn't be more grateful to have their last name as mine.

I'll never know how we only took one picture, but hopefully everyone else will soon be sharing theirs.  The palatial ten-man tent we bought just for this occasion did NOT disappoint.  If you're going to camp, having that much space is sweet luxury.  We loved it!

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