Tuesday, July 29, 2014

He Swims!

When we look back on this summer, swimming lessons will definitely be a highlight.  My big boy Noah is becoming a swimmer.  Oh, it has been fun to watch him make progress!

Well, it's been a little painful too.

I have seen him say no and be a bit bossy like never before.  And I've wondered, "Who is this kid?"

But swimming, real swimming with no floaties, is new.  It's about trust and feeling a little out of control in the water.  He's been tentative (which is just a fancy word for a bit scared, right?) at times but has left every lesson happy and feeling accomplished.

 Noah loves Maddy. 

Luke does too for that matter.  He literally talks about "Manny" all throughout the day now.  Maddy knows just what to say to get Noah motivated, to challenge him, and to keep him interested.  Noah likes to be able to see Maddy when he's swimming under water, so she puts on goggles and goes under.  Whatever it takes, she'll do it.  We're talking hour long lessons, and she makes it so. much. fun.

Putting his face in the water has been the easy part.  Noah loves going under water, blowing bubbles and looking around.  However, getting off that step to swim to Maddy has taken some coaxing and serious persuasion. 

The good news is he's doing it! When I called Noah a little fish yesterday during his lesson, he said, "Yeah Mom, I'm a jellyfish. No, actually I'm a clownfish." I love that kid. Noah's kicking form (how does he swim with his bum in the air sometimes?) and efficiency could use a little work, but we're just getting started.  

What I love most is seeing Noah gain confidence in doing something that is hard.  I love that he is learning an important life skill.  I really love that he's so proud of himself.  And I am super grateful that "Manny" is Noah's swimming buddy.  She has made all the difference!

I've taken LOTS of video of swimming lately, but here's just a short clip.  When he goes under water he's picking up toys from the bottom of the pool.  Love it!

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