Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Luke's First Dentist Visit

When Noah got his teeth cleaned a few weeks ago, the staff wondered why I hadn't brought Luke in. Well, because his pediatrician said I didn't need to yet, that's why.  But if the dentist thinks differently and wanted this guy to come in, we could definitely make it happen.  Might as well put that dental insurance to work, right?

It probably helped that Luke had already been to the office before.  He was excited to go see the 'en-tis' (dentist).

But maybe he was just excited to go play before the whole dentist and opening your mouth thing had to happen.

Luke was cooperative through the flossing, teeth brushing and only started to get wiggly with the teeth counting. 

After inspecting and tolerating Luke's wiggles, Dr. Ryan reported that we're doing a good job brushing and he's cavity free.  Hurray!


Rudy Spencer said...

Luke is so cute! He didn’t even fuss or whine about the whole dentist thing. I guess you did a pretty great job in preparing him for this. Cheers for raising children that are fully aware about the importance of proper dental hygiene. Have a good day!

Rudy Spencer @ LBDP

Karen Perry said...

Tell Luke he did a great job at the dentist! What a big boy. My son loves going to get his teeth cleaned because he afterwards he gets to go dig in the treasure chest. I wonder why they do not give toys to us adults? That would liven things up!

Karen Perry @ Brook Side Smiles

Nickolas said...

My old dentist told me the same thing about my kids. I am not sure why as when we moved our new dentist was baffled that he would have given us this advice, to wait. Oh well, differing opinions I guess. At least he was cavity free after his first visit!

Nickolas @ Village Dental