Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fourth of July

We spent a few days at the cabin to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Our first destination was Tahoe Pizza Company for dinner.  
We're starting to get quite a collection of these car pictures!
Noah and Luke were so happy to see Olivia, Sammie and Abby. 
After seeing the girls, Luke started saying "Cunzins! Cunzins!" (Cousins)

The kids continued the fun after dinner by hopping into the hot tub.
I don't think Noah's smile could get any bigger.  He has so much fun with these silly girls.

We spend most of the Fourth at the beach playing, swimming and relaxing.

Luke spent hours in the sand.  He was so happy. 

And all of that playing meant a nap was in order too.  I love the hand behind his head!

Grandpa took the kids out in the raft, and then Nate and his brothers joined too.
My boys are so lucky to have such good men to call their family.  These Boyces are experts when it comes to love and fun and they are just oozing with integrity.  I love each one of them and am so grateful for the role they'll play as our boys grow up.

We thought the whole day would be spent at the beach, but by about three o'clock we were all tired and ready to go.  The kids relaxed and continued to soak in time together.
We skipped the amazing Tahoe fireworks.  Our kids are little.  I wasn't in the mood for the late start and then fighting traffic to get back to the cabin with exhausted kids.  We have LOTS of years ahead of us for fireworks.  But I don't feel like we missed out.  It was a great, all-American day filled with fun, barbecuing and topped off by s'mores.

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Ang Campbell said...

I know this will seem so weird... just commenting on your most recent blog post without knowing each other, but I tried emailing you through your profile and it didn't work. And I tried replying to your comment on CJane's blog but that didn't work either. I just wanted to let you know that your comment to CJane really resonated with me. Especially as I was reading comments last night and recognized that many in support of her post were non-members, past members, vocal supporters of Kate Kelly and even one person who indicated she just finished writing her letter of "resignation" from the church to her bishops. I appreciate the way you expressed your loving concern and your dedication to choosing right and keeping your own conscience clear and your affiliations correct. I wanted you to know that in this big ol' anonymous WWW you made a really powerful impression on me and I'm deeply grateful! Thank you!! ~Ang