Friday, July 18, 2014

iPhone Pics - May & June

I love watching my boys do things together.  Noah is usually so patient and likes to teach Luke how to do things.  Luke asks for 'cans' (crayons) a lot right now, and it's still looking like he may be the only right handed one in our family.

This was Noah's first time writing his name.  It took a lot of direction, but his letters are pretty decent, especially that 'N'!
The boys are both really into dress ups right now.  Luke brings me this vest and says, "Guy. Guy," because he wants me to help make him into a 'working guy.'

The gym also has some fun dress ups, which Luke never passes up.

 A nasty cold and hot fever slowed this guy down for a few days.

Noah rode his strider bike all the way to Kristina's and back, which is about a mile and a half round trip.  He was worn out but happy.  He's got the balance thing down pretty well, so maybe a real bike isn't too far off.  FUN!

While Luke napped one day Noah went to Grandma Pebley's house with the girls.  He came home with a full report about the fun he had there. 

The day before Father's Day we visited Papa's grave and then went to dinner at his favorite restaurant, Lupita's. 
 Noah was sporting his World Cup shirt in honor of Papa.

These silly boys LOVE goggles.  Luke calls them 'gasses' (glasses).

It was a little ridiculous for Noah to wear them in the tub, but it totally got him comfortable with putting his face in the water.  He's doing great in the swimming pool and loves going under water.

Noah was in such a happy mood this day when we were on Sutter Street.  He happily waved to every person who walked by and said, "Hello folks!" So silly, but so cute.

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