Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baldwin Beach

Our day at Baldwin beach was just about perfect: warm (but not hot), a light breeze, the water was beautiful, and we were with our favorite people!

Luke made my day when I bent down to take a picture with him, and he just wanted to give me kisses on my cheeks.
  He's started saying "love you" as he walks around the house, and I just love it!

I looked over and these little sand babies were just soaking in some sun. 

None of us had paddle boarded before, so we rented one for an hour and gave it a try. 

Nate did great.  It just took him a try or two to find his balance.

I stayed up and didn't fall.  It was actually fun and something I'd definitely do again.
Tired kids who played and played was the only reason we left.  It was a sandy, sunny beautiful day at Baldwin Beach!

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