Wednesday, August 20, 2014

At the Cabin

Sometimes by the end of the day we're so worn out that we don't make it out to the campfire.  Other times we all find our way out there, and the s'more making ensues.  I could stay out there for hours, but two little boys' bedtime always comes too quickly, and I find myself back inside brushing teeth and putting on jammies. 

This time around Grandma Shauna also got some camp songs going, and we all joined in.
My favorite part of that was looking around and seeing how much fun the kids were having.  They loved seeing the grown ups sing silly songs and then joining right in. 

This kid was SO exhausted at this point.  He looks like such a lump in this picture.  But I love that big, messy faced lump!

We also celebrated Brennan's birthday.
Brittany had a few fun activities for the kids to do outside.
Brennan got a fun McQueen pit crew costume, and Noah tried it on for him.
I finally caught a picture of them all together. 

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