Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Boating on the Lake

Boating on the lake was a good time, but it's definitely going to be something that gets more fun as our kids get older.  I love my kids (I even love holding my kids), but a good portion of that boating time was spent holding sleeping boys, while Nate drove one of the boats.  On the way to Emerald Bay, Noah (also known as 'he who will never admit to being tired') crawled into my lap and napped.

As we left Emerald Bay, Luke decided it was his turn.

So, yeah, not quite the most adventurous boating experience for me, but still buckets of fun to be with our family in such a beautiful place. 

And Noah was all smiles being on that boat with his favorite people.

We laughed at this picture later because it looks like I'm breast feeding my almost two year old, which I definitely am not doing.  Just trying to keep that sweet sleeper out of the wind!
Nate and Tyler were the last ones to go tubing because it looked like a storm was rolling in.

Their dad gave them quite a ride that left some lingering soreness for a few days.  That's what Dads do though, right?

When they were awake, these little boys were mostly happy little sailors. 

It took Luke a little while to get used to his vest, and he got knocked over a time or two when a big wake hit the boat, but he was a champ on his first real boat ride.

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